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Lauren feels their business is only as strong as the communities they serve. Her purpose is to have a constructive impact on the communities in which they live and do business. Lauren Forbes Group contributes continually to various charities and organizations in the South Bay. Charities we have recently provided donations to include Manhattan Beach Education Foundation, American Martyrs, Pacific School, Robinson School, Grandview School, Hermosa Beach Little League, and more. Our focus charities/foundations are NextStep FitnessFreedom 4 U and P.S. I Love You. Lauren serve on the boards of these respective foundations and are committed to making a difference there.


NextStep Fitness is a nonprofit that provides people living with paralysis the opportunity for health and recovery through affordable and progressive community fitness and wellness facilities. NextStep has paved the way with the first community facility in the U.S. to offer Locomotor and activity based training at its state of the art facility in Los Angeles, and it continues its vision to expand across the United States. The organization’s other initiatives are participation in cutting edge research, education, and awareness programs that are focused on enhancing the lives of the 6 million people in the U.S. living with paralysis. In addition to being a general supporter of the cause, Lauren is an acting board member of NextStep and avid participant in fundraising activities. 


Freedom 4 U was founded in 2000 by Greg Allen when he started to think about teens’ social needs – their need to gather and express themselves with their peers. He looked at his community and noticed that teens were meeting at house parties where in many instances there was drinking, drugs and other risky behaviors. As Greg interacted with several parents, school personnel and law enforcement; it became clear that the community needed safe, supervised gatherings. It was also clear that it needed to be youth driven in terms of ideas and implementation. To further validate his assumptions, he created a survey that went out to several teens in the community. He discovered that the first thing teens want is to be with their friends and that music and art was something they would gather around as a focus. Greg realized he needed to create something that teens would buy into through attendance and participation. He wanted to reduce the risky behaviors of as many teens as possible and develop their talent and abilities through safe, creative, supervised, group activities.


P.S. I Love You was founded in 1998 by Patricia Scelza-Jones, an associate with Lauren Forbes Group. The creation of this foundation was inspired by Patricia’s compassion and empathy to make a difference in the lives of others in need. She realized that the contribution she could make was as simple as sharing the spirit of giving. There are many obstacles facing children today -- especially children in low-income communities. These include poverty, low self esteem, loss of self-control and focus, alcohol and drug abuse, gang violence, lack of quality nutrition, obesity, and single parent/broken families. These, and many other types of hurdles, can prevent a child from reaching his or her full potential.

​​​​​​​We, at P.S. I Love You Foundation, believe if children develop strong emotional, physical and social well-being skills early in life, this can reduce the chances of - and perhaps prevent – these children from growing up depressed, violent, turning to gangs for support, dropping out of school, or using drugs to cope. P.S. I Love You’s goal is to empower and inspire these children by teaching skills to help them in their everyday lives, to reduce stress, to influence successful individuals and help them develop healthy minds, positive attitudes and strong bodies. A portion of every real estate deal Patricia participates in is contributed to the P.S. I Love You Foundation.


We provide the highest level of sales expertise, exceptional service and experience to the luxury and multi-unit South Bay residential marketplace. Lauren Forbes Group​ is the leading real estate team in the South Bay with over 60 years of combined experience and a team well versed in executing complex real estate transactions.

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