What Went Right In 2023?

Lauren Forbes

Happy New Year!!

Most of us love a fresh start—feels like a new lease on life, a new beginning!
Unlike many though, I am having a hard time saying goodbye to 2023—one of my best years professionally and personally—and yet, I still cannot help but be excited about what is to come next!

I wanted to share a practice assigned to me by my coach that I have been doing now for about 4 years, I may have already told some of you about it… The exercise is called, “What Went Right In 2023?

It is a simple but extremely fulfilling yearly routine. You review the past year month by month writing down ONLY the things that went right. If something went wrong but you learned a great lesson or an incredible outcome after, then you can add that to the list. One way to begin is to scroll through each picture on your phone from last year and stop to remember the moments--memorializing the good ones. I usually separate the occasions out by month.

Then I review my calendar to add events that weren't captured by my camera. Reflecting on a list of accomplishments feels incredible! Since the first time I completed this assignment, I have incorporated two more steps. After slowly reading through the list and acknowledging achievements, I take a moment to write a letter to myself, recognizing the milestones of the year. This practice instills a sense of immense gratitude and appreciation. With that mindset, I then proceed to set goals for the upcoming year.

I know today is January 19th, but don’t let that bother you one bit. I believe that this practice can be done at any time, and if completed before February 1st, it can be a great catalyst for your best year yet! I hope it is!

Again, Happy 2024, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if me or my team can help you in any way.




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