Spring Market And News About The Big Apple

Lauren Forbes

These two…it’s clear as day when they each entered this world. So much anticipation as to what they would be like—inside and out. And then there was all the excitement and worry as they navigated childhood, schooling, friendships, relationships and now careers. It's hard to believe that I’m leaving them both in their new homes 3000 miles from my own. It’s hard to express the feeling. For sure sadness for me who will miss seeing them regularly but more so extreme pride, anticipation and a little envy...  

It’s what we want, right? To raise our children so well that they are ready to launch confidently into new experiences and do all the things we didn’t or couldn’t do? Yup. And yet my heart just hurts—selfishly wants them close. Easier to hug and share and cuddle with. 

I guess Randy and I did a good job and had a lot of luck along the way to have these two incredible humans as our grown up babies. Boy did it fly by fast—like warp speed. 

So bittersweet - I couldn’t be happier for them both and it really feels like a piece of me is missing… Thank goodness for this pre-Spring market that is really keeping us busy! Lower interest rates and even lower inventory is driving strong activity in our South Bay market. We are seeing multiple offers and an infusion of buyers/showings. It feels good to be busy again and certainly helps to keep my mind off the big apple!

- Lauren


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