Metamorphosis Moments: Finding Beauty, Peace, and Renewal in Spring

Lauren Forbes

Last week while walking up to one of our listings I saw something hanging off of the fence... as I reached to clean it off I noticed it was a cocoon. And then I saw three more, all down a row. I paused and smiled. It really stopped me in my tracks. 

It is Spring now and with that comes a breath of renewal. 

We have ALL been through so much in the last few years; being stuck and confined in many ways that we didn’t want or enjoy. Now we have the opportunity to use our pent-up energy from that time. The butterfly uses it to create beauty and peace. For me, it is a symbol of Transformation, Grace and Love. I wish all of these things for you this Spring, and always. 

As for the real estate market, it continues to be robust and challenging and our team loves a good challenge. Please call us if we can be of any assistance to you or someone you know. 

- Lauren


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