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Market, Mindset, Focus | A Day In Wine Country

Lauren Forbes

I had the pleasure of spending a perfect day in Napa last month talking real estate with some of Compass California's top producing agents. It was an amazing day of collaboration amongst industry veterans and sharing what we have learned after so many years in this crazy business.

When I started out 23 years ago, I was a lawyer masquerading as a realtor. I had incorporated many “tools” from my former profession that served me well in real estate transactions, but also some that didn’t. For years I had to really check myself and let go of some less-than admirable habits I had developed in my former trade. I even had a post-it note reminder on my computer screen that read, “take your ego out of it.”

Letting go has been a mantra that took a while for me to adopt —especially for this self-professed "control freak". What I find when I do surrender is that what is meant for me comes forth and the rest falls away. If you are a natural grasper like me, start by letting the small things go. Things that really don’t matter, like what’s for dinner or who gets to ride in the front seat. Once you master that you can attempt losing an argument, or even better —being happy for someone else that gets something you thought you deserved.

With practice, one can look back and see more clearly that when something is lost it really was meant to be that way.

A good place to start is a post-it note.

- Lauren


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