March Musings (aka what I think about when I’m “too busy")

Lauren Forbes

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

I lived most of my life the first way. Growing up underneath an authoritative father followed by a career in legal training, my outlook was always “what’s wrong here?”...what’s wrong with this situation, this place, or this person…such incredible judgment.

Other than the obvious, another thing I learned about this way of being is that it kept me distracted from looking at what’s within myself that needs work. What healing I have yet to do... and what I am avoiding. When I started looking inwards I realized it was a horrible way to live. Today, through time and practice, I have gotten better at looking at each situation with a new lens focused on what is amazing or going right; and when I do, it feels so very good. To end my day with a laundry list of everything that went well instead of what I or others did wrong (abundance mindset people!).

Someone once taught me that every time I assume a bad outcome will happen I should consciously assume 9 good possible outcomes—it’s a fun game to play, and I have gotten to the point of believing that when I do it, those positive possible outcomes are more likely to occur (and often do).

I choose to believe that everything is a miracle. When butterflies appear, I see my mother coming to visit. When I get cut off on the road, I hear the universe saying slow down and pay better attention. There is always a message to be heard if  you are open to it. What miracles do you see in your life, what messages are you receiving?

- Lauren


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