Life’s Next Chapter

Lauren Forbes

What’s Next? Are you like me? As soon as I finish a project or sell an amazing property, rather than celebrate or give myself kudos, I’m on the next listing or event or…

When I was growing up, my dad used to look at my report card—straight A’s and one A- (usually in PE or History) and say “What’s with the A-.” That was the complete sentence. I can kind of laugh about it now but as a child desperate for my father’s approval it didn’t feel good. Yes, over time (and with years of therapy), I came to realize that his response helped shape some of my gifts like hard work, consistency and an achievement oriented mind set, but it still hurt.

As an adult I do it to myself, and unfortunately sometimes to othersit’s something that I’m working on. Why am I telling you this? Because it really hit me last month when I got engaged—yup, you read that correctly!!!  Almost without fail when people find out, their immediate response is ,”When’s the wedding?” Of course I’ve asked that in the same circumstance many times! But on the receiving side I had to laugh. My fiancé (still getting used to that word) and I like to say we are “still basking in the excitement of our engagement”—and we are.

How miraculous and beautiful to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with in your late 50s/early 60s!! Many of you reached out to me last month after my newsletter on divorce and separation and it prompted me to share this incredible, and yes personal, news this way. I’m so moved by how many of us are working so hard to be the best versions of ourselves.  It’s milestones like this that show me that it’s all worthwhile.

Dreams come true. And yes…vision boards do work.

- Lauren


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