Navigating Market Waves and Embracing Morning Rituals

Lauren Forbes

Happy September!

We are two thirds of the way through the year—and unfortunately there is a lot of negative news out there. While the market has slowed locally, the pricing is strong. Limited inventory and the fundamentals of our area consistently keep our market moving. We are excited that our buyers are now able to take more time to consider homes and not be pressured into moving too fast. People get nervous in changing times and it often makes things feel worse than they really are. At times like this I continue to rely on my fundamentals.

My morning routine is probably the most important thing I do. And while it changes slightly from time to time, it is a constant in my life. Wake with gratitude, meditate and journal, exercise/yoga, and the newest addition to my routine….COLD PLUNGE! I am so excited about my RENU cold plunge and the 5 minutes a day I spend in there. In just a few weeks of consistently icing, I can already see that my focus has improved, sleep patterns are better, inflammation is down and I feel great overall. No, this isn't sponsored! But, if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. 

And if you don’t have a morning routine in place—DO IT!! It will change your life.

Happy Labor Day!

- Lauren


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