Empowering Moments: Reflections from the COMPASS REtreat in Atlanta

Lauren Forbes

WOW…What a week! For those of you that don’t already know, I just returned from the COMPASS REtreat in Atlanta. It was inspiring, educational and so much fun! I was able to bond with some of my team and office mates. I met some INCREDIBLE Compass agents from around the country and reconnected with some from years past.

I heard our CEO and Co Founder Robert Reffkin vulnerably share his highest high and lowest low during his time at COMPASS. (You can view his keynote speech here) AND I got to watch (from the front row!) one of my  favorite inspirational icons: Mel Robbins!

Mel shared how she has learned that her 5 Second Rule literally saved people's lives, and Robert conveyed how going all in on what you believe in transforms situations. My biggest take away from this weekend is that when we take risks to let others see our true selves and get away from trying to impress others, miracles happen. We all know this intellectually, but we often shy from exposing ourselves when given the chance.

With the holidays quickly approaching, we can all learn from Mel and Robert to be in the moment and truly give one of the most important gifts—ourselves.

- Lauren


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