Miracles and Love: A Wedding Day Tale

Lauren Forbes

Miracles - Do you see the butterflies in this photo? Do you see the miracle of love?

I have talked about this in the past, but its prevalence is causing me to revisit. The more I notice and appreciate the miracles in life (especially my life), the more they happen. Last month I had the extreme honor of officiating a wedding for two very special people in my life. No, I had never done anything like this before and I was pretty nervous (and neurotic) about it. Sure I have been on many real estate panels and spoke at trade events in front of large groups, but talking about what I do every day is a far cry from sharing the intimacy of marrying two people. As the time grew closer (I had months to stress about what to write and what to say and how to make it special) I realized that a big part of my job was going to be holding space for the marriage to occur. Even typing that gives me goosebumps. Other people were in charge of all the other details, but as far as the ceremony, the joining of two lives, it was up to me and the bride and groom. This requires intimacy, vulnerability and lots of love—and oh—a couple of miracles.

The day of I was feeling ready and also feeling the weight of my responsibility. So I went to—meditation. After I centered myself I prepared to read the ceremony out loud one last time for practice. It was a cloudy day in Dover, Ohio, but the temperature was nice.  As I opened my book and began to read, the clouds opened and the sun landed directly on the words I had written. It sat there until I was done and then disappeared. Miracle one. Later that morning I was adding a few last minute items to the ceremony and went outside to the picnic table to do it in solitude. As I sat there a large monarch butterfly actually landed on my shoulder (if you read my email on butterflies and their significance to me this will resonate with you even more). Miracle two. And then the best part, in the middle of the vows during the actual wedding as the bride and groom were placing each others’ rings on, another monarch butterfly flew in between their hands and right past me. Miracle three. You may read this and think, big deal: the sun came out and butterflies were around, and that is fine. I choose to view it differently. The signs from others and especially mother nature are miracles to me, they ground me and show me that I am on the right track. They are telling me to pay attention and feel the love. And I do. I see them every day and I am grateful for it. The preciousness of that wedding day is something I treasure and will never forget.

What miracles have you witnessed in your life lately?

- Lauren


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